Tuesday, 7 October 2008

GP2X Wiz! Nearing Rollout!

As if all the action with the Pandora was not enough the work to get the GP2X Wiz! rolling is taking shape. Here is our latest update

The GP2X Wiz! looks like its ready to roll and even has box art images being released. But why get one in comparison to the Pandora? - Well the GP2X Wiz! will be able to run all existing GP2X software so it has a firm software base, whilst the Pandora is a completely new product.

The GP2X Wiz! is more of console, whilst the Pandora is to intense purposes a UMPC. Anyway is some more updated info:

Bundled Software - The GP2X Wiz! will come with the following software bundled:

  • Base Linux OS
  • Digital Media Player
  • Flash Player
  • Audio Playback
  • E-Book Reader
  • Comic Reader - allows to view comics in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG formats
  • Calender
  • Calculator

Bundled Games (See screenshots for more info)

  • Mini-Game Project - Collection of Mini-Games
  • Myride - Shooter
  • BangGP - Gun Shooter
  • Blingo2008 - Bingo
  • BoomShine2X - Puzzler
  • Snake on Dope - Snake with a twist!
  • Space Varments - Touchscreen
  • Square Tower Defense - Sort of like thrust
  • Tale Tail - Puzzler
  • Poker2X - Poker
  • Wind & Water - Puzzle
  • Kaiten Patisserie - Platformer

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