Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Just How Fast Will The Pandora Actually Be?

Here are some interesting facts about the CPU used in the Pandora (ARM) comapred to the same CPU (Intel Atom) as used in the Acer and EEE PC devices.
The first is a YouTube Video which compared a 550MHZ ARM chip against the 800MHZ Intel Atom chip, the tests show web pages being loaded upm one on a Acer device, the other on a prototype device. Now as the Intel chip had a faster speed at 800MHZ, it was going to be quicker, but further analysis showed that at the same speed processor (the ARM is overclockable), its the ARM chip which is much faster and efficient. Although this is just a theoretical analysis at present it does suggest the Cortex Chip in the Pandora (which is 600MHz), is all that, and then some!!

Here is Texas Instruments own statement on their processors and the Open Source community, they definately like Open Source more than Intel:

The Texas Instrument Chip seems to be getting everywhere, look at the two YouTube videos below, showing the processor being used in various handheld devices (Movial, Zoom, Google Android!)

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