Friday, 3 October 2008

A Little History

In this section we will briefly touch upon the history of Gamepark, the originating korean company, who designed the GP2X Wiz.

Way back in 2001, a new handheld console was released by GamePark called the GP32, based on a Samsung 133MHz Arm CPU with 8MB of Ram, this system was one of the first to use smart media instead of cartridge based media.
The GP32 was unique as it ushered in a new era of 'Homebrew' free software, lots of emulators soon appeared for the GP32 most notably Nintendo SNES and Sega Mega Drive.
The only thing the GP32 really lacked was a stable media format as the smart media formats were soon replaced by secure digital card formats.
Following on from the success of the GP32, GamePark evolved intotwo companies the original GamePark was to remain as a software developer, whilst GamePark Holdings was created in 2004.

GamePark Holdings released the GP2X which was a much improved update to the GP32, based on dual CPUs, more Ram, better screen and an open-source linux OS, and oh yes SD card support so much much more emulators and applications could be run on a single device without having to swap memory cards around.

The GP2X ushred in an era where more faster emulation of not just 8 bit consoles, but 8 to 64 bit consoles could be undertaken. In future blog updates we will explore all the emulators out there for the GP2X as they will work 100% for the new GP2X Wiz device.

There were two incarnations of the original GP2X units (there were others developed but never released), the first was called GP2X-F100 which had a standard screen, looked a bit like a standard gameboy advance, but way more powerful!!:
The second was called the GP2X-F200 which had an improved quality touchscreen, and arguably better joypad, the original GP2X-F100 had an analog joypad, which could hurt you fingers alot (trust me!!):
At last the Gamepark Holdings GP2X Wiz! is nearing its worldwide release date in December 2008!!

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