Thursday, 30 October 2008

Possible Shipping Delay on Pandora First Batch

A recent post on the GP32x forums suggested that there may be a slight delay on the initial pre-ordered Pandora units being shipped from original end of November 2008 date.

The delay has been caused with the bank used by OpenPandora limited, not being very constructive in helping out the new start-up business, particularly with the international money orders needed to finance the suppliers of components and the far-eastern manufacturing process. this is even more stupid when you consider that OpenPandora limited has no debts or loans (Hey thats the banking industry for you!!)

The poor show by the bank has meant they are seriously considering moving their bank account to a more accomodating bank, and hence this will probably cause a delay to the manufacturing process, which in turn will result in a slip in shipping to possibly December 2008 or January 2009.

At the moment its only heresay, however the OpenPandora team have suggested it could be a good things as two un-defined bonuses may result in a delay to shipping.

They have not stated what the bonuses may be they are up for speculation at the moment - my theory is that the processor has an increased cache available this was something that was being predicted by TI before, so if we get a faster processor or the same CPU with a bigger cache/on-board that will be well worth the wait.

Either way will update the blog when I know anything more........

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