Monday, 6 October 2008

Pre-Order Pandora Units Sold-Out!!

Within the space of a few days the initial batch of pre-order Pandora UMPC devices were sold out!!. That is an un-precedented achievement given that this is a new to market device, which has had very little publicity outside of its own GP2X community.
The demand for the units was so great that the initial pre-order batch size was increased from 3000 to 4000 units. Don't despair (probably like me) you can still order the Pandora, but it will not be available for delivery until January 2009. Just means waiting a little longer for such a great device.
I had the same kind of luck when I ordered my original GP2X console a few years ago. But I would state it was worth the wait, and by the time I received mine, a new service pack had been released. Keep coming back to this page we will keep posting updated photos (a new one showing final production model is about to be released soon!!) and videos on the Pandora, and hopefully sneak in an interview with some of the main developers for the Pandora!!!

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