Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Second Batch Pandora Ordering Data

It looks like they are preparing for the next batch of Pandora orders. With the units being available for order in December 2008.
The initial word is that the units being delivered to people may take upto 2-3 months, so if my order was accepted as a second batch order I would expect to receive Feb/March 2009. Whereas if my order was in the first batch I would expect to receive the unit Jan/Feb 2009 I guess?. No real biggie as we are dealing with a brand new system and you have to expect so snags with first few production runs. I remember when I pre-ordered my GP2X I thought it was going to come first batch with custom bits, boy did I get a shock having to put initial screen protector on it - it did work flawlessy though - so no complaints.

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