Sunday, 9 November 2008

First Batch Pandora Possible Delays Expected

A recent article on the GP32 Forums suggests that the biggest delay in shipping the completed first batch of Pandora consoles is now down to the LCD manufacturer.

The original 3000 plus LCD screens ordered, only 600 have been sent. This means the first 600 units will be complete within the next few weeks and distribution to pre-order customers expected during mid-December 2008.

The remaining units are expected to be distributed as and when the LCD screens arrive. This means I'll probably get mine later in 2009 and will have to update this blog with my review of the unit then, bummer! - hey at least everything else is progressing and some additional YouTube videos on the Pandora will be posted soon.

News about the Wiz! suggests pre-order sales have been very very much lower than the Pandora, the Pandora had pre-orders in excess of 3,800 units the Wiz! a few weeks ago was quotes as having pre-orders below 100 units.

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