Friday, 26 December 2008

MWeston FDM Keyboard Mat Update

The image above is courtesy of MWeston, who finally received the Pandora prototype keyboard matt on Christmas Eve.

Work by MWeston is quoted as follows:

It fits, but it had to be made thicker to prevent brittle areas in the cups holding the carbon pads. Therefore, it isn't very usable as it takes a lot of force to press buttons. As far as form is concerned, it fits beautifully.

As far as more complete prototypes (CNC'd) go, I won't have anything until the New Year. I had to drive over to the FedEx depot to pick this one up myself before they closed up for the holidays or I wouldn't even have had this one!

This really isn't an amazing update, so I hid it on my page and I don't know if anyone will even find it!

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Cabroni said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! looks better every day

Greetings from Mexico