Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pandora Jan 2009 Updates

Here is a collection of Updates regarding the Pandora collated from the GP32x forums:
  • As yet the OpenPandora project is still on target to meet its previous deadline targets.
    MWeston has a half-built FDM model of the Pandora, he is currently awaiting the lowere half to complete the initial prototype. The picture above was taken from a post by MWeston.
  • ED has stated that the TI will release a full set of OpenGL 2.0 drives not the original OpenGL ES, which will make porting games and apps to the Pandora a whole lot eaisier.
  • The Google Android OS has been ported to the BeagleBoard which uses same processor as the Pandora - This means you could if you wanted have the Google Android OS running on your Pandora either from NAND or an SD card, which given its size would enable a pretty good PDA solution for the Pandora, there are loads of Apps already out there for the Android OS.
  • Currently it is expected that the project will ship all Pandora units which were paid via Bank Transfer. Once these units have been shipped, the remaining credit card orders will be processed.
  • Some people are holding off making the credit card payments as they want to see proof that the Pandoras will actually be released, this will not affect those who paid by Bank Transfer (Hey I may get my Pandora sooner than expected).
  • As some credit card orders may not be completed by the first batch orders, there is an expectation that those users may wait until everything is stabilzed in the second batch.
  • This will mean that there is potentially lots more spare Pandoras from the first batch.
  • Open Pandora have stated that they will be sending a newsletter out to all registererd users asking them if they would like additional units, you will have to pay by straight bank transfer methods, sign up for the newsletter at .
    • ED's blog entry dated January 20th 2009 states the following regarding the recent issues, and delays with the Pandora project:

      'However, there was one bad thing that happened... which caused all the mess and nearly did kill everything:

      In the beginning of October, right after the preorders had been paid, craigs bank froze his account (as you might know).

      However, not only the money from craigs preorders was on that account, but also the money from the rest of us which was meant to develop the Pandora boards, etc.

      Everything had been set: We had the complete circuits (I posted videos before September), we had the nigh complete case (we did post pictures of the FDM case) and we had fixed appointments with the company in mid October to do the first mass production testing of the boards.

      However, we couldn't access the money anymore for actually STARTING the mass production - that's why it didn't happen.

      Also, we couldn't pay the hinge, the prototype battery, the LCDs, the prototype of the flat ribbon cable for the LCD... and without all that, we couldn't continue to work on the case.And without any prototype boards, the devs couldn't work on the software.It was scary.

      Everything we had setup so far didn't work out - simply because of a frozen account. And this was the beginning of all those delays...It took craig about one month to unfreeze the account - and yet, not all reorderings of CC orders haven't taken place.

      At least, we had access to some money and could continue to develop that thing - about mid-November. Luckily, mass production test run did go pretty fast, so by the end of November, most devs got their boards.

      It didn't work so well with the LCDs though - ours had been reserved but sold elsewhere as we didn't have the money at that time. We had to wait until January to get them all (and yes, we have them, as well as all major other parts needed!).

      The company that does the battery also started to work as we paid them - and right in December, they told us they couldn't fit that high capacity within the space they had planned for.

      So they needed to make it a bit bigger - and we needed to change the case.

      That was what happened until January.

      Now that it's mid-January, we're basically back on track - just a bit late.

      We got the parts, the design of the case has been finished according to our deadline on January 15th, it's currently being FDMed and right after that (if everything is okay, which really should), the case will be being CNCed.

      The keypad is also ready for mass production as well as the boards.

      The first prototype will be used to do FCC and CE testing, so don't worry about that.

      Then mass production will finally begin - yes, we know it's a few months late, but believe us: We didn't want that.

      Still, we're just right before the finish lane, so we won't give up.

      Thank you all for your patience - and again, sorry for the delay!

      Maybe now you can understand a bit more what has been happening'

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