Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More Updates

Two blog updates from the Open Pandora team already this week!!

The first was from Evil Dragon - on the status of testing the device -sounds like a delay - but from his related forum updates, I don't think it will be a big delay, just a 1-2 weeks at most:

"Well, anyways, back to Pandora stuff. I received three new ribbon cables from Michael on last Monday but didn't have time until today to rebuild my Pandora devboard and put it into the case.
But, it works now. So (except for the keymat I'm still missing), I also got working board in a case now.
I hope I'll find some time making a nice little HD video with Quake 3 and some other new emulator (you'll like it) during the next days. You will also get to see a more finger-friendly matchbox-theme I designed.
Give me some time, though, still got a lot of work in real life.Now, onto some other issue you already heard on the boards:
The case.You've seen it and you read it, it fits quite good (better than we expected) - but not PERFECT. There is SOME stuff to be fixed, but nothing that major.We don't want to deliver a non-perfect case to you, though (and I'm sure you all agree), so we'll work on it for the next few days.
I'll also post the final keymap for you soon, so stay tuned - and thanks a lot for being so patient"

The second update came from CraigX, a quite funny look at the Pandora in action:

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