Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Keymats Arrive!

Faith posted the picture of the Pandora keymats on the blog yesterday. Don't they just look cool. Bear in mind the Keymats still need the shiny top coatings to be applied to them.

By my reckoning the outstanding tasks left (from EvilDragons list) before the Pandora starts to ship should be:

  • Build a test device and check if everything is okay (should be later on this week)
  • Create the keymat mould (takes 20 - 25 days) - I reckon this is complete as the keymats have arrived
  • Design the final keyboard layout (needs to be finished when the mould is ready) - Done
  • Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits, takes 30 - 35 days) - The last time the GP32x forums were up, there were suggestions to some of this work being completed.
  • CE / FCC testing (can be done once the prototype case is here)
  • Mass Production testrun for the final boards
  • Stability testing
  • Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production
  • Mass Production
  • Test the boards
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