Tuesday, 30 June 2009

It's Coming Together

Hmmm New juicy blog update from ED - Initial batch of Pandoras on their way with more to follow!! ...

"Hi, it’s time again for the weekly report on what has happened.

Craig finally resolved the customs issue, so the parts (parts for 2000 Pandoras) finally are moving towards their destination.The other 2000 parts did pass the customs without any problems a few days earlier, btw.So, first test mass production is still due to be finished on July 20th (you know, the ones we ordered a while ago) and all the parts are also on their way – which means: COMPLETE mass production of the boards could be happening soon!

The final puzzle piece for the final unit is the case. What’s the status with that, you might ask?Well, as said a while ago, Dave doesn’t have too much time at the moment, as he is very busy with his normal job. However, he continues to work on the case, day by day. And I’m really happy that the To-Do-List has really grown short.So short, that he might even finish it within the next few days! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Finally, I can see it!

On to some other questions and stuff I’ve seen on the boards: A lot of guys are asking what happened to the video craig promised to you.Well, as you all know, he planned shooting a long one.

That does take time, though. And during that, the custom problems happened. Craig spent all days trying to resolve those issues… so he couldn’t spend any time on the video.- And I guess you wouldn’t want more delay because of the video, right?Also, there’s not too we could show you:

You’ve seen the working prototype… and that is the last status before the FINAL unit is ready. I know you love videos… and the time between the protoype and the final unit seems endless – but there’s not much we can do except wait for it.

Those things do take time and we also have to wait for the boards and cases to be finished.Heh – you know what’s funny? I read somewhere on the boards that for some time moves so slowly while waiting for the Pandora… it’s the complete opposite for us.

Time seems to fly by. Whoops, another week gone.

Let’s wait together, shall we? I know there are some OMAP3 devices coming – but none will be as open and supported for homebrew and Linux as the Pandora is."

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