Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Looks Like It's Late Oct Early Nov For Pandora Release

ED posted this status update on the Open Pandora Homepage ...

'While the moulds are still in production, the 105 boards were pretty sturdy, we didn't encounter a single problem yet which is really cool.

Our initial plan was to wait for the first final cases and then do the CE / FCC with a final unit. After that, we wanted to produce the rest of the 4000 boards (and cases, of course) and ship them.

However, as the cases need a bit longer, we decided to speed up the boards mass production. As soon as Michael gets the final nubs (which should arrive soon), he's gonna ship a complete prototype Pandora to me (in Germany), and we'll do a quick CE testing with that one. If that one passes the testings, the Pandora in the final case will also do so (as a plastic case doesn't add radiation). This does mean that we can immediately start the mass production of the boards after that - which speeds up the whole thing by a few weeks. The only downside is that we have to do a second testing with a final unit to get all the FCC certifications and therefore have a bit more costs - but it's definately worth it.

In the meantime, I'm working on the silk screening for the case (you know, the labels for the LEDs, etc.) and also the instructions manual.

DJWillis is working on the OS image to turn it into a nice looking end-user version (with Pandora logos and theming, etc.)'

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