Saturday, 17 October 2009

Pandora Now Expected Nov/Dec 2009

Looks like the first fully assembled Mass Production Pandora console will arrive early in November 2009, MWeston just posted this update on the GP32x forums:

'After not completing the molds before the Chinese holiday, when they came back they gave me a 'worst case' completion date of Oct. 20th with the possibility to be done on the 15th if all went well. Then just the day before yesterday, they told Fatih they needed three extra days due to some last stage tweaks involving the smooth operation of tooling parts and ejection pieces so now that puts completion at around Oct. 23rd. With any luck, they will ship some case samples on Monday the 25th and I will get them mid to late that week. They are really dragging it out but let's just hope the delays are because they are trying to get the parts to look good and not have a bunch of terrible seams and warping. I won't complain one bit about the extra 23 day delay if the parts come out perfect. '

Looks like the earliest we will see the Pandora's being shipped (at last) will be December 2009/January 2010 .... better late than never

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