Sunday, 14 December 2008

Additional Pandora First Batch Units NOW Available

The Open Pandora team have announced additional Pandora units are available from the First Batch!! - Originally there were 3800 units pre-ordered, with an initial first production batch size of 4000 units.

Now that the all the banking problems and credit card refunds have been sorted, some 100 initial first batch orders have decided not to re-order - leaving about 300 unit available from the first batch for new orders!

So if you would like to order one of the first batches like me! get on down to and place your order quick!! or else you will miss out on this unique piece of computing history.

Bear in mind that the first batch will be the basic units delivered in basic packaging - the retail boxes wont be available until the second batch is announced.

The only remaining step in the first batch is the actual keyboard matts - which the supplier is currently being awaited on. Once the Keyboard matts have been completed, the fully assembled Pandora units will be displayed, and obviously I will update this Blog accordingly.

Hopefully I will receive my Pandora probably over the festive period/early January 2009. When I get mine I will display some juicy pictures of unboxing (the basic package) and running various emulators on my Pandora for everyone else to view.

I will keep you posted on events as and when they happen.

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