Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pandora Update - Slight Delay

Not much to talk about. Craig, Evil Dragon and co, have been extremely busy in getting the Pandora ready for a production rollout.

MWeston has reported the complexities of the PCB manufacture in North Americam where the design of the PCB and new OMAP processor have caused delay in initial PCB manufacture. What has been announced is that there will be an initial flurry of small batches followed by full scale production once the remaining issues have been ironed out.

The global credit crunch has had an impact on sourcing components such as the LCD's which are still tricklin in.

Here is what a sneak peak of what the top of the Pandora will look like:

Craig has stated that the final prototype (a full cased Pandora) will be ready by this weekend, we will be posting the updated images as soon as we receive them.

Yep it is annoying that the Pandora has missed the November 2008 delivery date, but if they get all the components and LCD's deliveries should start arriving in Late Dec 2008 with a realistic shipment date of January/February 2009.

Hey if the device is as good as its specs and well made in North America, then the delay will have been worth the wait.

Craig has announced that there are a few Pandoras from the first batch still up for grabs, as some people who received the recent series of refunds (as a result of the OpenPandora team using different banks) have decided against placing their orders again.

More on how to get the extra units will be announced at a later date.

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