Saturday, 21 March 2009

Help The Pandora Sega Dreamcast Emulator Project

In my previous post, I pointed out that ZeZu and drkIIRaziel were busy trying to port NullDCe onto the Pandora.

Help these guys out in two ways

  • Donate Funds - help the guys get enough cash to buy another BeagleBoard or Pandora to enable them to make the development process much quicker - currently only one of them has a Beagleboard - go on support them by sending electronic funds via PayPal to following email address -
  • Anyone donating money will get their names on the thanks screen for the emulator - so not only will you be helping these guys out but you will also being getting your name immortalised - just state in the comments section of PayPal screen that you would like your name to be added to thanks screen within emulator.
  • Beta Testers - Offer to do some beta testing for them when they release the intial Pandora version(s).

Me I'm hopefully doing both! (Have already sent the guys some money)

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