Wednesday, 18 March 2009

More March 2009 Updates

Apologies in advance for not posting some of this stuff any sooner.
A lot of behind the scenes stuff (posted on GP32X forums) has been occurring since my last post:
  • The Pandora case, the initial CNC cases have been manufactured and are currently being sent out to the Pandora developement team as we speak, MWeston will assemble the first complete unit during the coming week, any new videos of this will get posted on this blog.
  • Here are some fun pictures of the initial assembly of the Pandora by Faith, essentially he mounted the PCB and screen, but not keymat, speakers, WI-FI, bluetooth, etc.

A new Quake 3 video appeared - showing just what the Pandora is going to be capable of. Here is the YouTube Video and the Pandora looks very capable:

  • If that was not enough - ZeZu and drkIIRaziel the developers of the NullDC (Sega Dreamcast) emulator are busy porting the lighter version NullDCe onto the BeagleBoard which means it will work on Pandora, amazing - Pandora may get Dreamcast titles on it!! much sooner than expected:

Yes there is even more Evil Dragon released this video yesterday - showing MPlayer, PicoDrive (Sega Megadrive emulator), The Battle For WestNoth and Quake 1, hopefully this will be the last video of a Pandora un-cased:

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