Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pandora March 2009 Update

Its been a while since my last update from the GP32X forums.

The Pandora maufacturing update as posted by Evil Dragon:

  • Get the final CNCed case (should be finished approx. end of February)
  • Wait until the mould of the keymat is finished
  • Design the final keyboard layout
  • Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits)
  • CE / FCC testing (can be done once the case is here)
  • Mass Production testrun for the final boards
  • Stability testing (this will be fun)
  • Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production (LATEST deadline is second week of March)
  • Mass Production
  • Test the boards

From what we understand the case is on-route from China, and should be available to Evil Dragon (to showcase at a European computer show) and MWeston (to iron out any issues) very very soon.

The last chance for ordering a first batch machine has now been set, the date is the end of the first week in March 2009 - only a few days left.

Here is another YouTube video on Pandora from Evil Dragon showing the matchbox windows manager:

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